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David Coleman would once again like to thank his children, Brantley and Carolina, for their patience and understanding of their father throughout the writing of this book. I love you kids very much. David would also like to thank his mother, Marjorie Barnes, and his stepfather, William Barnes, for many years of support and encouragement.

David Westcott would like to thank his parents, Kathy and George, who have provided so much support and love and from whom he has learned so much. He would also like to thank Janie, Jennifer, and Samantha for their patience and understanding of life on the road and for their support throughout the writing of this book.

Writing this edition of the CWNA Study Guide has been a rapid-fire version of writing the original book. Like writing the original book, it was an adventure from the start. We would like to thank all of the following individuals for their support and contributions during the entire process.

We must first thank the acquisitions editor of Sybex, Jeff Kellum, for initially finding us and bringing us on to this project four years ago. Jeff is an extremely patient and understanding editor who occasionally sends a nasty email message. We would also like to thank our development editor, Sara Barry and her special assistant Kathleen Avery Barry, who was born December 11, 2008—8 lbs. and 4 oz. We also need to send special thanks to our editorial manager Pete Gaughan and our production editor Rachel McConlogue, and Sharon Wilkey, our copyeditor.

We also need to give a big shout-out to our technical editor, Sam Coyl. Sam is a member of the IEEE with many years of practical experience in wireless communications. His contributions to the book were nothing short of invaluable. When Sam is not providing awesome technical editing, he is vice president of business development for Netrepid (, a wireless solutions provider.

We would also like to thank Devin Akin, Cary Chandler, Kevin Sandlin, Scott Turner, and Scott Williams of the CWNP program ( You gentlemen should be proud of the international renowned wireless certification program that you have developed. It has been a pleasure working with all of you the past seven years.

Thanks to Proxim and to Ken Ruppel ( for allowing us to include the video Beam Patterns and Polarization of Directional Antennas on the CD-ROM. Many thanks to Andrew Potter for making himself available for our photography needs.

Special thanks goes to Andras Szilagyi for not only creating the EMANIM software program but for all the extra assistance he provided by creating a customized version of the program for the CD-ROM.

David Coleman would like to thank Wayne McAllister for his support and friendship over the past several years and for his "canary in the coal mine" analogy. David Coleman would also like to send a shout out to his homies in South Korea: Gene Connor, Rick McConnell, Ken Ring, and Joe Vowell.

We would also like to thank the following individuals and companies for their support and contributions to the book:

Aerohive Networks

(—Adam Conway


(—Steffan Haithcox and Amit Larom

AirDefense (—Nico Darrow, Ralf Deltrap, Bryan Harkins, and David Thomas


(—Dilip Advani, Chia Chee Kuan, and Joey Kuo

Aruba Networks

(—Chris Leach, Kevin Hamilton, Carolyn Cutler, and Susan Wells

Berkeley Varitronics Systems

(—Carmine Caferra

By Light

(—Steve Hurdle

CACE Technologies

(—Janice Spampinato

Caster Tray

(—Joel Baldevarona

Cisco Systems

(—Joel Barrett, Neil Diener, and Paul Shiffer


(—Mark Miller

Fluke Networks

(—Carolyn Carter, Thomas Doumas, and Lori Whitmer

General Dynamics

(—Kevin Terrell


(—Ray Durham and Nik Wong

Juniper Networks

(—Curt Hooper

Meru Networks

(—Kamal Anand


(—Debra McDonald and Socrates Sakellaropoulos


(—Marius Milner


(—Bob Forman


(—Tricia Allen, Justin Borthwick, Geri Mitchell-Brown, Jonathan Cherry, Michelle Chessler, David Gibbs, Keith Hayden, Kate Lepore, David Mangham, Barbara McVicker, Wylee Post, Ken Rains, Robin Raulf-Sager, Josh Redmore, Steve Rolapp, Tom Thumser, Robert Tomer, Sue Yingling, and many others.

Potter Images

(—Andrew Potter

Proxim Wireless Corporation

(—Ken Day, Pamela Valentine, and Amit Malhotra


(—Karl-Heinz Marks

Times Microwave Systems

(—Joe Lanoue


(—Victoria Holl and Christopher O'Donnell

Wi-Fi Alliance

(—Kelly Davis-Felner and Krista Ford

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