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Abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations and acronyms

ABIApplication Binary Interface
ACAlternating Current
ACLAccess Control List
AFPAAdaptive Fast Path Architecture
AHAuthentication Header
AIXAdvanced Interactive Executive
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
APARAuthorized Program Analysis Report
APIApplication Programming Interface
ARPAddress Resolution Protocol
ASCIAccelerated Strategic Computing Initiative
ASCIIAmerican National Standards Code for Information Interchange
ASRAddress Space Register
ATMAsynchronous Transfer Mode
AuditRMAudit Log Resource Manager
AUIAttached Unit Interface
AWTAbstract Window Toolkit
BCTBranch on CounT
BFFBackup File Format
BIBusiness Intelligence
BINDBerkeley Internet Name Daemon
BISTBuilt-In Self-Test
BLASBasic Linear Algebra Subprograms
BLOBBinary Large Object
BOSBase Operating System
BSCBinary Synchronous Communications
CADComputer-Aided Design
CAEComputer-Aided Engineering
CAMComputer-Aided Manufacturing
CATIAComputer-Graphics Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application
CCMCommon Character Mode
CDCompact Disk
CDECommon Desktop Environment
CDLICommon Data Link Interface
CD-RCD Recordable
CD-ROMCompact Disk-Read Only Memory
CECustomer Engineer
CECCentral Electronics Complex
CFDComputational Fluid Dynamics
CGECommon Graphics Environment
CHRPCommon Hardware Reference Platform
CISPRInternational Special Committee on Radio Interference
CLIO/SClient Input/Output Sockets
CLVMConcurrent LVM
CMOSComplimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
CMPCertificate Management Protocol
COFFCommon Object File Format
COLDComputer Output to Laser Disk
CORBACommon Object Request Broker Architecture
CPUCentral Processing Unit
CRCCyclic Redundancy Check
CSIDCharacter Set ID
CSRCustomer Service Representative
CSSCommunication Subsystems Support
CSUCustomer Set-Up
CWSControl Workstation
DADDuplicate Address Detection
DASDual Attach Station
DASDDirect Access Storage Device
DATDigital Audio Tape
DBCSDouble Byte Character Set
DBEDouble Buffer Extension
DCDirect Current
DCEDistributed Computing Environment
DDCDisplay Data Channel
DDSDigital Data Storage
DESData Encryption Standard
DFLDivide Float
DFPDynamic Feedback Protocol
DFSDistributed File System
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DIMMDual In-Line Memory Module
DIPDirect Insertion Probe
DITDirectory Information Tree
DIVADigital Inquiry Voice Answer
DLTDigital Linear Tape
DMADirect Memory Access
DMTDirectory Management Tool
DNDistinguished Name
DNSDomain Naming System
DOEDepartment of Energy
DOIDomain of Interpretation
DOSDisk Operating System
DPCLDynamic Probe Class Library
DRAMDynamic Random Access Memory
DSDifferentiated Service
DSADynamic Segment Allocation
DSEDiagnostic System Exerciser
DSMITDistributed SMIT
DSUData Service Unit
DTEData Terminating Equipment
DWData Warehouse
EAEffective Address
ECEngineering Change
ECCError Checking and Correcting
EEPROMElectrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EFIExtensible Firmware Interface
EHDExtended Hardware Drivers
EIAElectronic Industries Association
EISAExtended Industry Standard Architecture
ELAError Log Analysis
ELFExecutable and Linking Format
EMUEuropean Monetary Union
EOFEnd of File
EPOWEnvironmental and Power Warning
ERRMEvent Response resource manager
ESIDEffective Segment ID
ESPEncapsulating Security Payload
ESSLEngineering and Scientific Subroutine Library
ETMLExtract, Transformation, Movement, and Loading
F/CFeature Code
F/WFast and Wide
FCFibre Channel
FCALFibre Channel Arbitrated Loop
FCCFederal Communication Commission
FCPFibre Channel Protocol
FDDIFiber Distributed Data Interface
FDPRFeedback Directed Program Restructuring
FDXFull Duplex
FIFOFirst In/First Out
FLASH EPROMFlash Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
FLIHFirst Level Interrupt Handler
FMAFloating point Multiply Add operation
FPRFloating Point Register
FPUFloating Point Unit
FRCAFast Response Cache Architecture
FRUField Replaceable Unit
FSRMFile System Resource Manager
FTPFile Transfer Protocol
GAIGraphic Adapter Interface
GAMESSGeneral Atomic and Molecular Electronic Structure System
GPFSGeneral Parallel File System
GPRGeneral-Purpose Register
GUIGraphical User Interface
GUIDGlobally Unique Identifier
HACMPHigh Availability Cluster Multi Processing
HACWSHigh Availability Control Workstation
HCONIBM AIX Host Connection Program/6000
HDXHalf Duplex
HFTHigh Function Terminal
HIPPIHigh Performance Parallel Interface
HiPSHigh Performance Switch
HiPS LC-8Low-Cost Eight-Port High Performance Switch
HostRMHost Resource Manager
HPFHigh Performance FORTRAN
HPSSDLHigh Performance Supercomputer Systems Development Laboratory
HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol
I2 CInter Integrated-Circuit Communications
IARInstruction Address Register
IBMInternational Business Machines
ICCCMInter-Client Communications Conventions Manual
ICEInter-Client Exchange
ICElibInter-Client Exchange library
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
IDEIntegrated Device Electronics
IDSIntelligent Decision Server
IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IETFInternet Engineering Task Force
IHVIndependent Hardware Vendor
IIOPInternet Inter-ORB Protocol
IJGIndependent JPEG Group
IKEInternet Key Exchange
ILSInternational Language Support
IMInput Method
INRIAInstitut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique
IPInternetwork Protocol (OSI)
IPLInitial Program Load
IPSecIP Security
IrDAInfrared Data Association (which sets standards for infrared support including protocols for data interchange)
IRQInterrupt Request
ISIntegrated Service
ISAIndustry Standard Architecture, Instruction Set Architecture
ISAKMPInternet Security Association Management Protocol
ISBIntermediate Switch Board
ISDNIntegrated-Services Digital Network
ISMPInstallSheild Multi-Platform
ISNOInterface Specific Network Options
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
ISVIndependent Software Vendor
ITSOInternational Technical Support Organization
JBODJust a Bunch of Disks
JDBCJava Database Connectivity
JFCJava Foundation Classes
JFSJournaled File System
JTAGJoint Test Action Group
KDCKey Distribution Center
L1Level 1
L2Level 2
L3Level 3
LANLocal Area Network
LANELocal Area Network Emulation
LAPILow-Level Application Programming Interface
LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol
LDIFLDAP Directory Interchange Format
LEDLight Emitting Diode
LFDLoad Float Double
LFTLow Function Terminal
LLNLLawrence Livermore National Laboratory
LPLogical Partition
LP64Long-Pointer 64
LPILines Per Inch
LPPLicensed Program Product
LPR/LPDLine Printer/Line Printer Daemon
LRULeast Recently Used
LTGLogical Track Group
LVLogical Volume
LVCBLogical Volume Control Block
LVDLow Voltage Differential
LVMLogical Volume Manager
MAPMaintenance Analysis Procedure
MASSMathematical Acceleration Subsystem
MAUMultiple Access Unit
MBCSMulti-Byte Character Support
MbpsMegabits Per Second
MBpsMegabytes Per Second
MCAMicro Channel Architecture
MCADMechanical Computer-Aided Design
MDIMedia Dependent Interface
MESMiscellaneous Equipment Specification
MFLOPSMillion of FLoating point Operations Per Second
MIIMedia Independent Interface
MIPMixed-Integer Programming
MLR1Multi-Channel Linear Recording 1
MMFMulti-Mode Fibre
MODSMemory Overlay Detection Subsystem
MPC-3Multimedia PC-3
MPIMessage Passing Interface
MPOAMultiprotocol over ATM
MPPMassively Parallel Processing
MPSMathematical Programming System
MSTMachine State
MTUMaximum Transmission Unit
MWCCMirror Write Consistency Check
MXMezzanine Bus
NBCNetwork Buffer Cache
NCPNetwork Control Point
NDNeighbor Discovery
NDPNeighbor Discovery Protocol
NFBNo Frame Buffer
NFSNetwork File System
NHRPNext Hop Resolution Protocol
NIMNetwork Installation Management
NISNetwork Information System
NLNational Language
NLSNational Language Support
NT-1Network Terminator-1
NTFNo Trouble Found
NTPNetwork Time Protocol
NUMANon-Uniform Memory Access
NUSNumerical Aerodynamic Simulation
NVRAMNon-Volatile Random Access Memory
NWPNumerical Weather Prediction
OACKOption Acknowledgment
OCSOnline Customer Support
ODBCOpen DataBase Connectivity
ODMObject Data Manager
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
OLAPOnline Analytical Processing
OLTPOnline Transaction Processing
ONC+Open Network Computing
OOUIObject-Oriented User Interface
OSFOpen Software Foundation, Inc.
OSLOptimization Subroutine Library
OSLpParallel Optimization Subroutine Library
P2SCPOWER2 Single/Super Chip
PAMPluggable Authentication Mechanism
PAPPrivileged Access Password
PBLASParallel Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms
PCIPeripheral Component Interconnect
PDTPaging Device Table
PDUPower Distribution Unit
PEParallel Environment
PEDBParallel Environment Debugging
PEXPHIGS Extension to X
PFSPerfect Forward Security
PGIDProcess Group ID
PHBProcessor Host Bridges
PHYPhysical Layer
PIDProcess ID
PIIProgram Integrated Information
PIOFSParallel Input Output File System
PKRProtection Key Registers
POEParallel Operating Environment
POPPower-On Password
POSIXPortable Operating Interface for Computing Environments
POSTPower-On Self-test
POWERPerformance Optimization with Enhanced Risc (Architecture)
PPMPiecewise Parabolic Method
PPPPoint-to-Point Protocol
PREPPowerPC Reference Platform
PSEPortable Streams Environment
PSSPParallel System Support Program
PTFProgram Temporary Fix
PTPEPerformance Toolbox Parallel Extensions
PVPhysical Volume
PVCPermanent Virtual Circuit
QoSQuality of Service
QPQuadratic Programming
RAIDRedundant Array of Independent Disks
RAMRandom Access Memory
RANRemote Asynchronous Node
RASReliability, Availability, and Serviceability
RDBRelational DataBase
RDBMSRelational Database Management System
RDISCICMP Router Discovery
RDNRelative Distinguished Name
RDPRouter Discovery Protocol
RFCRequest for Comments
RIORemote I/O
RIPRouting Information Protocol
RIPLRemote Initial Program Load
RISCReduced Instruction-Set Computer
RMCResource Monitoring and Control
ROLTPRelative Online Transaction Processing
RPARS/6000 Platform Architecture
RPARS/6000 Platform Architecture
RPCRemote Procedure Call
RPLRemote Program Loader
RPMRed Hat Package Manager
RSCRISC Single Chip
RSCTReliable Scalable Cluster Technology
RSERegister Stack Engine
RSVPResource Reservation Protocol
RTCReal-Time Clock
RVSDRecoverable Virtual Shared Disk
SASecure Association
SACKSelective Acknowledgments
SANStorage Area Network
SARSolutions Assurance Review
SASSingle Attach Station
SBCSSingle-Byte Character Support
ScaLAPACKScalable Linear Algebra Package
SCBSegment Control Block
SCOSanta Cruz Operations
SCSISmall Computer System Interface
SCSI-SESCSI-Single Ended
SDLCSynchronous Data Link Control
SDRSystem Data Repository
SDRAMSynchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SESingle Ended
SEPBUScalable Electrical Power Base Unit
SGISilicon Graphics Incorporated
SGIDSet Group ID
SHLAPShared Library Assistant Process
SIDSegment ID
SITSimple Internet Transition
SKIPSimple Key Management for IP
SLBSegment Lookaside Buffer
SLIHSecond Level Interrupt Handler
SLIPSerial Line Internet Protocol
SLR1Single-Channel Linear Recording 1
SMSession Management
SMBServer Message Block
SMITSystem Management Interface Tool
SMPSymmetric Multiprocessor
SMSSystem Management Services
SNGSecured Network Gateway
SPIBM RS/6000 Scalable POWER parallel Systems
SPCNSystem Power Control Network
SPECSystem Performance Evaluation Cooperative
SPISecurity Parameter Index
SPMSystem Performance Measurement
SPOTShared Product Object Tree
SPSSP Switch
SPS-8Eight-Port SP Switch
SRCSystem Resource Controller
SRNService Request Number
SSASerial Storage Architecture
SSCSystem Support Controller
SSLSecure Socket Layer
STFDUStore Float Double with Update
STPShielded Twisted Pair
SUPSoftware Update Protocol
SVCSwitch Virtual Circuit
SVCSupervisor or System Call
SWVPDSoftware Vital Product Data
TCETranslate Control Entry
TclTool Command Language
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCQTagged Command Queuing
TGTTicket Granting Ticket
TLBTranslation Lookaside Buffer
TOSType Of Service
TPCTransaction Processing Council
TPPToward Peak Performance
TSEText Search Engine
TTLTime To Live
UCSUniversal Coded Character Set
UDB EEEUniversal Database and Enterprise Extended Edition
UDIUniform Device Interface
UILUser Interface Language
ULSUniversal Language Support
USBUniversal Serial Bus
USLAUser-Space Loader Assistant
UTFUCS Transformation Format
UTMUniform Transfer Model
UTPUnshielded Twisted Pair
UUCPUNIX-to-UNIX Communication Protocol
VESAVideo Electronics Standards Association
VFBVirtual Frame Buffer
VGVolume Group
VGDAVolume Group Descriptor Area
VGSAVolume Group Status Area
VHDCIVery High Density Cable Interconnect
VLANVirtual Local Area Network
VMMVirtual Memory Manager
VPVirtual Processor
VPDVital Product Data
VPNVirtual Private Network
VSDVirtual Shared Disk
VTVisualization Tool
WANWide Area Network
WLMWorkload Manager
WTEWeb Traffic Express
XCOFFExtended Common Object File Format
XIEX Image Extension
XIMX Input Method
XKBX Keyboard Extension
XLFXL Fortran
XOMX Output Method
XPMX Pixmap
XSSOOpen Single Sign-on Service
XTFExtended Distance Feature
XVFBX Virtual Frame Buffer


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