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2-1General performance tuning flowchart10
2-2Process state11
2-3VMM segments from a client perspective16
2-4VMM segments from a process perspective17
2-5VMM memory registers18
2-6Logical volume device driver24
2-7Dependencies in a volume group25
2-8Network parameters30
2-9Performance tuning flowchart36
3-1The topas command output100
4-1Disk, LVM, and file system levels118
4-2SMIT screen for changing characteristics of operating system121
4-3The smitty chgsys fastpath to set high and low water marks122
4-4The smitty chgsys fastpath to set automatic reboot124
4-5LVM intra-disk positions135
4-6Striping a logical volume136
4-7JFS organization151
4-8The smitty mklv add a logical volume dialog157
5-1UDP/TCP/IP data flow174
6-1Run queue prior to AIX Version 4.3.3208
6-2AIX Version 4, 128 run queues209
6-3Run queue on AIX Version 4.3.3 and later212
6-4CPU penalty example216
6-5Web-based System Manager Overview and Tasks dialog229
6-6Hierarchy of classes230
6-7Resources cascading through tiers234
6-8SMIT with the class creation attributes screen234
6-9SMIT panel shows the additional localshm attribute236
6-10Resource set definition for a specific class243
6-11SMIT main panel for resource set management244
6-12SMIT panel for rset registry management245
6-13SMIT panel to add a new resource set246
8-1The ps command output278
8-2The vmstat command output279
8-3The iostat command output279
8-4The netstat command output280
8-5The vmstat and iostat command outputs282
A-1smitty errpt output291
B-1smitty list_software output309
B-2smitty install_all310
B-3Commit software updates311

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