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Chapter 4. Working with Visual Content > Answers to Review Questions

Answers to Review Questions

1.The best answer is C. The functions and commands used to insert a graphic image into a Word 2007 document are located on the Insert tab of the Word 2007 ribbon and the Illustrations section of that tab. None of the other answers are valid tab and section combinations.
2.The best answer is B. WordArt is an Office tool that enables you to convert text into a graphic, which is not necessarily the same as formatting text graphically. The other choices are all effects that can be directly applied to a block of text in a Word 2007 document.
3.The best answer is D. A hypertext link (hyperlink) enables the reader to follow a link inserted into a Word 2007 document to other resources located locally, remotely, or move up or down in the same document.
4.The best answer is D. An .avi file is a multimedia audio/visual file and as a result is not a graphics file format supported by Word 2007. Word 2007 does support the other graphic file formats listed.
5.The best answer is F. Word 2007 supports all the image object types listed.
6.The best answers are A, D, B, C, and E. The sequence used to insert an autoshape into a Word 2007 document is to select the Insert tab, click the Shapes icon, choose the shape to be inserted, use the crosshair cursor to draw the space for the shape, and then resize the shape using its resizing handles.
7.The best answers are C and D. An Excel chart can be created from an Excel workspace in Word 2007, or an existing chart can be copied and pasted into a Word 2007 document.
8.The best answer is D. You can adjust the brightness and contrast, and even recolor an image after it has been inserted into a Word 2007 document. However, there are no options to sharpen the image or apply a blur or softness effect.
9.The best answer is B. The Crop tool can be used to reduce the viewable area of an image. Rotate and Resize are used, of course, to rotate and resize the image. And an inserted image can definitely be edited in a Word 2007 document.
10.The best answer is C. To create a border around a block of text, place the text inside a text box. The other tools listed, except Outline, can be used to enhance the style of the text box. Outline is only a view in Word 2007.



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