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Chapter 11: Lesson Review Answers

Chapter 11: Lesson Review Answers

Lesson 1

1.Correct Answer: A, C, and E
  1. Correct: An analog modem that can send faxes is required to transmit the document.

  2. Incorrect: A printer is only required to print hard copies of received faxes. Because the customer only wants to view the documents, a printer is not required.

  3. Correct: A scanner is required to convert physical pages into a digital format that can be sent to fax devices.

  4. Incorrect: Fax transmissions do not require a network connection.

  5. Correct: An analog phone line is required for sending fax documents. The line should be connected to the modem.

2.Correct Answer: C and E
  1. Incorrect: One shared printer device is sufficient to allow multiple network users to access the printer.

  2. Incorrect: This option could potentially reduce performance by storing copies of all printed documents on the local computer.

  3. Correct: Rendering print jobs on the client computer minimizes the performance impacts to the local system.

  4. Incorrect: Printing directly to the printer generally does not increase performance for clients or for the computer that is working as the print server.

  5. Correct: Users on each client computer should choose to add the shared printer as a network printer.


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