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Part 1: Learn at Your Own Pace > Introduction to Windows Server 2003

Chapter 1. Introduction to Windows Server 2003

Exam Objectives in this Chapter:

  • Plan a strategy for placing global catalog servers (Exam 70-296).

    • Evaluate network traffic considerations when placing global catalog servers.

    • Evaluate the need to enable universal group membership caching.

Why This Chapter Matters

As an MCSE or MCSA already certified on Microsoft Windows 2000, you already possess much of the core knowledge necessary to step into the world of Windows Server 2003. Although it includes a variety of new features aimed at improving availability, reliability, scalability, manageability, and security, Windows Server 2003 was ultimately developed using the best features of Windows 2000 as its foundation.

This chapter begins by introducing the new editions of Windows Server 2003, taking a look at their capabilities and requirements, as well as exploring the reasons why a company might choose one edition over another. Appreciating and understanding the basic differences between the editions is an important first step if you will be involved in planning, deploying, or managing Windows Server 2003 systems.

Although Windows Server 2003 builds on a foundation provided by Windows 2000, it provides a variety of new features and enhancements that you will need to be familiar with. This chapter provides a high-level overview of many new features in Windows Server 2003, with an emphasis on those that you will need to be familiar with for both the MCSE and MCSA upgrade exams.

Finally, the chapter finishes with an overview of Microsoft Active Directory directory service in Windows Server 2003 environments. This overview includes a review of important Active Directory concepts, as well as a look at planning the location of global catalog servers, and the implementation of a new feature, universal group membership caching.


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