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Chapter 1. Overview of Windows Server 20... > Exam 70-290 Objective 4.2 Manage Sof... - Pg. 50

50 Chapter 1 · Overview of Windows Server 2003 7. The wizard will now say You have successfully activated your copy of Windows. Click OK to close the activation wizard. Figure 1.14 Activating Windows Server 2003 EXAM 70-290 OBJECTIVE Manage Software Update Infrastructure Unless your company is buying its first Windows server, you are going to have to decide between upgrading and performing a clean install. Each method has advantages and disadvantages: I 4.2 Upgrading preserves many of your existing settings, such as users and groups, per- missions and rights, and applications. Performing a clean installation can improve the performance of your hard drive, as it will be reformatted during installation.This also gives you a chance to change the partition and volume sizes used on your drives. Clean installs ensure that you don't carry over any existing problems that you might have with your current OS. Some administrators (the authors of this book included) prefer clean installs because they have seen many problems related to OS upgrades in the past.There is something comforting about starting from scratch. I