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Chapter 7. Active Directory Troubleshoot... > Certification Objective 7.01: Restor... - Pg. 280

280 Chapter 7: Active Directory Troubleshooting, Backup, and Recovery T his chapter picks up where we left off in the preceding chapter and takes Active Directory maintenance to the next topic--backup, recovery, and troubleshooting. In this chapter, we review various tools that can be used to complete specific troubleshooting tasks.You should take time and practice these tools and processes, as Exam 70-640 is expected to test this practical knowledge in detail. CERTIFICATION OBJECTIVE 7.01 Restore Active Directory Services You may run into a situation in which certain changes to Active Directory are found to be undesirable after the fact (for instance, if an object or two were deleted, or attribute values were overwritten and these changes were replicated to other domain controllers). You may experience hardware failures--such as the Active Directory