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Chapter 10. Configuring Network and Firewall Settings

Chapter 10. Configuring Network and Firewall Settings

This chapter covers the following subjects:

  • Configuring Networking Settings: In this section, you learn about the various settings in Windows that enable you to connect to wired or wireless networks, including the Internet. You are also introduced to the wireless networking protocols used by Windows 7 and the available security settings that help protect your connection.

  • Configuring Windows Firewall: Windows Firewall is a comprehensive stateful packet-filtering application that is enabled by default in Windows 7. This section introduces you to the Windows Firewall Control Panel applet and the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Microsoft Management Console snap-in, both of which you can configure to specify what types of traffic will be allowed into and out of your computer and network.

Connectivity between Windows 7 computers and other networks (inclusive of the Internet and other computers) is provided in a variety of ways. Windows 7 computers utilize a variety of tools, applications, and protocols for connecting to networks. Chapter 9, “Configuring TCP/IP,” introduced you to the Network and Sharing Center, which consolidates many of these applications and utilities into one convenient location from which you can create and manage different types of network connections as well as file and print sharing. This chapter continues our discussion of networking by introducing additional networking components, including how to install, configure, or manage them:


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