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Chapter 3. System Management > Configuring and Managing Windows

Configuring and Managing Windows

  • Supplemental Objectives: Manage and configure Windows


1.Which of the following is the primary tool to manage and configure Windows 7?

A.Registry Editor

B.Windows Explorer

C.Control Panel

D.System Manager

2.Which applet in the Control Panel do you use to change the computer name?




D.Administrative Tools

3.What do you use to enable features so that disabled people can better use Windows 7? (Choose the best answer.)

A.Accessibility applet

B.Ease of Access Center

C.Administrative Tools

D.System applet


1.C is correct. The primary program used to configure Windows is the Control Panel. Answer A is incorrect because the Registry Editor is used to manually change the registry, which should rarely be done. Answer B is incorrect because Windows Explorer is used to manage the files and folders. Answer D is incorrect because there is no System Manager that comes with Windows 7.
2.B is correct. To change the name of a computer to add the computer to a domain, you need to use the System applet in the Control Panel. Answers A and C are incorrect because there are no Name or Workgroup applets. Answer D is incorrect because Administrative Tools are more IT-oriented tools used in managing your computer.
3.B is correct. To configure accessibility options, you use the Ease of Access Center. Answer A is incorrect because the Accessibility applet was the name used in Windows XP. Answers C and D are incorrect because the Administrative Tools and System applet are not used for accessibility options.


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