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Chapter 12. Working with Applications > Software Restrictions

Software Restrictions

  • Configure application restrictions


1.What are the two tools used to restrict what applications a user can run on Windows 7? (Select all that apply.)

A.AppLocker in group policies

B.System Configuration tool

C.Software restriction policy in group policies

D.Application Compatibility Toolkit

2.Which of the following is NOT a rule you can create with software restrictions?






1.A and C are correct. You can use group policies to restrict which software, specifically software restriction policies and AppLocker. Answer B is incorrect because the System Configuration tool is a valuable tool used to troubleshoot boot problems, particular with programs that start during boot or services. Answer D is incorrect because the Application Compatibility Toolkit is used to load band aids or shims for non-Microsoft applications to function under Windows 7.
2.D is correct. The four types of rules used with software restrictions include hash, certificate, path, and zone. Location is not a method for software restrictions. Answers A, B, and C are incorrect because they are valid rules that you can create with software restrictions.


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