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Answers to Practice Exam - Pg. 921

Answers to Practice Exam 1. C, D. Jack can add a delegation resource record for ns02.vcb. on NS01 or he can create a stub zone for ns02.vcb. . Delegation occurs when a name server (NS) resource record in a parent zone lists the DNS server that is authoritative for a child zone. When a DNS server delegates a domain to a child zone on a different DNS server the parent is made aware of new authoritative DNS servers for the child zone only when the resource records for these new DNS servers are added to the parent zone hosted on the DNS server. This addition must be accomplished by adding a delegation record manu- ally. Alternately Jack can add a stub zone for to NS01. Stub zones can be created on a DNS server in the parent domain so that DNS is kept up-to-date regarding changes to the authoritative server list for the child domains. DNS uses the PTR resource records to resolve IP addresses to their corresponding FQDN; these records are found in the server's reverse-lookup zone. Because the scenario does not