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Chapter 4. Developing SSIS Packages

Chapter 4. Developing SSIS Packages

A package is the core object within SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) that contains the business logic to handle workflow and data processing. SSIS packages are used to move data from sources to destinations and to handle the timing precedence of when things process. You can create packages by using the import and export wizards in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) or use the Package designer in the Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS). This chapter looks at creating and defining packages in SSIS and using the main components of the control flow and data flow objects with sources and destinations. The focus of this chapter is on the creation of SSIS packages and also defines the basic objects contained in the control flow and data flow. Future chapters will describe the advanced features, deployment, and implementation details of SSIS.

Exam objectives in this chapter:

  • Create a Package.

    • Use BIDS.

    • Use the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard.

  • Create data flow by using the data flow designer.

    • Configure sources and destinations.

    • Configure transformations.

  • Create control flow by using the control flow designer.

    • Sequence tasks by using precedence constraints.

    • Organize tasks by using containers.

  • Manage SSIS package configurations.

    • Connect to different data source types by adding connection managers.

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