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Part I: Exam Preparation > Configuring Applications Included with Windows Vista

Chapter 7. Configuring Applications Included with Windows Vista


This chapter helps you to prepare for the exam by covering the following Microsoft-specified objectives for the Configuring Applications Included with Windows Vista section of the TS: Microsoft Windows Vista, Configuring exam:

Configure and troubleshoot media applications.

  • Windows Vista brings new advances in Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player, Windows Photo Gallery, and Windows Movie Maker. Many companies use media-related applications for various purposes such as advertising, and more home users are discovering what they can do with digital gadgets including cameras, TVs, DVD players, game boxes, and so on. Microsoft expects you to know how to configure and troubleshoot these applications.

Configure Windows Mail.

  • Windows Mail is the successor to Outlook Express and builds in additional security features including spam filtering, anti-phishing, and so on. With the importance of email as a business and personal communication medium, it is important that you keep abreast of the latest advances in this field.

Configure Windows Meeting Space.

  • Windows Meeting Space enables you to conduct small-scale meetings in places such as restaurants and airport lounges, as well as the more usual boardroom setting. You can share information, and users can insert comments and make edits. Microsoft expects you to know how to configure and troubleshoot this important resource.

Configure Windows Calendar.

  • Windows Calendar is a full-fledged task- and appointment-managing application. You can create multiple calendars and share and publish your calendars so that members of a work team or family can coordinate their activities. Because this is an important productivity tool, Microsoft expects you to acquire proficiency in its configuration.

Configure Windows Fax and Scan.

  • Windows Fax and Scan enables you to scan documents and send and receive faxes. As with Windows Mail, Fax and Scan can integrate with other applications to provide enhanced business and personal communication. Know how to configure this application and how it integrates with other applications including email and productivity suites.

Configure Windows Sidebar.

  • Windows Sidebar provides a series of mini-applications known as gadgets, which enable you to keep up-to-date while pursuing other activities on your computer. Know the various configuration options presented by this resource.



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