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Chapter 17 : Managing File and Print Ser... > Configuring File Servers - Pg. 727

Configuring File Servers 727 Because of the lack of money, many times you must use one machine to do many server tasks. We have been IT managers in many companies where the IT department had to have the same machine running both as an application server and as a file server. You must consider many factors before allowing a machine to run multiple server types. How many processors do you have? What are the processor speeds? How much RAM does the machine have? What is the hard drive speed? What type of applications will be hosted on the machine? After you have gathered all your information about the machine, then you can decide whether the machine can host multiple server types. However, keep this one fact in mind: because of the requirements and demands on the computer system, it 's always a good idea to host SQL Server on a dedicated machine. We have been doing consulting for many years, and one thing we stress to all clients is to perform regular backups. After all, most organizations would not be able to recover from losing all of their data. Usually, companies back up only their servers, and this is why home folders are so important. Home folders are one of the most common fi le types on