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Review Questions

1._________________________ separates a network into multiple logically defined segments.
  1. Classless routing

  2. Subnetting

  3. ANDing

  4. Classful addressing

2.A(n) _________________________ facilitates communication between different networks or subnets.
  1. gateway

  2. switch

  3. IP telephone

  4. CIDR block

3._________________________ is a simple subprotocol, incapable of doing anything more than transporting mail or holding it in a queue.
  1. NAT

  2. VoIP

  3. TCP/IP

  4. SMTP

4.The _________________________ utility displays TCP/IP statistics and details about TCP/IP components and connections on a host.
  1. nbtstat

  2. ipconfig

  3. netstat

  4. winipcfg

5.On networks that run NetBIOS over TCP/IP, the _________________________ utility can provide information about NetBIOS statistics and resolve NetBIOS names to their IP addresses.
  1. nbtstat

  2. winnipcfg

  3. ipconfig

  4. netstat

6.True or false? By making bits that previously were used for host information represent network information, you reduce the number of bits available for identifying hosts.
7.True or false? One reason for hiding IP addresses is to add a marginal amount of security to a private network when it is connected to a public network.
8.True or false? A network that uses Internet-like services and protocols to exchange information within an organization and with certain authorized users outside of that organization is known as an intranet.
9.True or false? The Post Office Protocol is a Transport layer protocol used to retrieve messages from a mail server.
10.True or false? Voice over IP is the use of packet-switched networks and the TCP/IP protocol to transmit voice conversations.
11.To calculate a host’s network ID given its IP address and subnet mask, you follow a logical process of combining bits known as _________________________.
12.A network or part of a network that uses browser-based services to exchange information within an enterprise is known as a(n) _________________________.
13.The utility that allows you to query the DNS registration database and obtain information about a domain name is called _________________________.
14.The _________________________ utility uses ICMP to trace the path from one networked node to another, identifying all intermediate hops between the two nodes.
15.On Unix-type systems, the _________________________ utility allows you to modify TCP/IP settings for a network interface, release and renew DHCP-assigned addresses, or simply check the status of your machine’s TCP/IP settings.


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