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Exam Prep Questions

1.Who has overall responsibility for quality planning?

A.Project manager
B.Quality manager
C.Senior management
D.Project planner

2.Which input is not used for risk identification?

A.Project charter
B.Scope statement
C.Project management plan
D.Academic studies

3.Which risk response is most likely to involve contingency reserves?


4.Which contract type would be best for the seller if the scope of work is not well defined?

A.Fixed price
B.Purchase order
C.Time and material
D.Cost plus incentive fee

5.Which of the following activities is not part of risk management planning?

A.Developing a risk management plan
B.Identifying risk categories
C.Updating risk register
D.Determining risk roles and responsibilities

6.Which of the following is not a responsibility of the project manager?

A.Acquiring HR resources for the project team
B.Managing overall responsibility for quality in the organization
C.Overall responsibility for risk on the project
D.Overall responsibility for customer satisfaction on the project

7.Which project document is best suited for tracking costs of resources?

A.Resource breakdown structure
B.Organizational breakdown structure
C.Work breakdown structure
D.Risk breakdown structure

8.Which document is best suited for tracking the assignment of all resources to specific tasks?

A.Staffing management plan
B.Organizational breakdown structure
C.Position description
D.RACI matrix

9.Which subsidiary plan/component documents the quality objectives for the project?

A.Quality management plan
B.Quality baseline
C.Process improvement plan
D.Quality control checklist

10.Which quality theory outlines 14 points and calls for quality awareness at all levels of the organization?



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