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Chapter 1. Introducing Project Managemen... > Certification Objective 1.02: Defini... - Pg. 10

10 Chapter 1: Introducing Project Management CERTIFICATION OBJECTIVE 1.02 Defining What a Project Is--and Is Not Projects are endeavors. Projects are temporary. A project creates something, provides a service, or brings about a result. I know, I know, it sounds like some marriages. To define a project, you only have to think of some work that has a deadline associated with it, involves resources besides you, has a budget to satisfy the scope of the project work, and you can state what the end result of the project should be. So, projects are temporary work assignments, with a budget, that require some amount of resources, some amount of time to complete, and create a definite deliverable, service, or environment. Let's look at project characteristics in more detail. Projects Are Temporary