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6 Establishing a Schedule > The Scheduling Solution - Pg. 104

104 The Little Black Book of Project Management nary method; however, before finalizing the schedule, convert hours to days, keeping in mind the probability that team members will have to split time between project and departmental duties. 4. Meet with the team. Involve your team members in schedule planning to ensure that they will work together cooperatively and that each member believes the schedule is practical, given the restraints of time and other duties. 5. Modify the schedule as needed. Listen to what your team tells you. If members believe that a phase deadline is unrealistic, look for solutions. Modify the schedule according to the team's response. 6. Prepare the schedule. Construct a Gantt chart for your final schedule, and plan to use it to track your progress. As the project moves along, actual start and finish dates for each phase are entered on the chart.