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System/Application Domain > System/Application Domain - Pg. 36

36 PART 1 | The Need for Information Security TABLE 1-8 Risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and mitigation plans for the System/Application Domain. MiTigaTion Apply policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines for staff and visitors to secure facilities. Create a system that brings together servers, storage, and networking. Defne vulnerability window for server operating system environments. Maintain hardened production server operating systems. Implement virtual frewalls and server segmentation on separate VLANs. A virtual frewall is a software-based frewall used in virtual environments. Conduct rigorous software and Web-application testing and penetration testing prior to launch. Risk, ThReaT, oR VulneRabiliTY Unauthorized access to data centers, computer rooms, and wiring closets Servers must sometimes be shut down to perform maintenance. Server operating systems software vulnerability Cloud computing virtual environments are by default not secure. Client-server and Web applications are susceptible to attack.