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Exam Prep Questions

1.ESD is not caused by which of the following conditions?

A.Improper or non-existent grounding
B.Moderate to high humidity
C.People moving around
D.Unshielded cabling

2.When considering physical security for server rooms, which issue is the most important?

A.The installation of antitheft alarms
B.The monitoring of server room access
C.Keeping the server room door locked
D.Using sufficient complexity for all passwords

3.When considering server room security, which of the following considerations is least important?

A.Extreme temperatures
B.Faulty fire suppression system
D.Environmental noise generation

4.Which of the following server room environmental problems would an administrator consider to be the most important?

A.Server cabinet doors kept unlocked
B.Spare parts being stored on the server room floor
C.Several trash cans located in the server room
D.Coffee cups sitting on top of the server rack

5.In an effort to rank various security issues being faced by the company, which one of the following concerns was considered to be least important to the administrator?

A.The absence of locks on the server chassis
B.The absence of locks on the server monitor
C.The absence of locks on the server racks
D.The absence of a lock on the server room door

6.When a severe environmental threat has been identified in the server room, what must the administrator now do?

A.Transfer all servers and associated equipment to another location.
B.Recognize that this is not an administration problem and wait for maintenance personnel to solve it.
C.Report the condition to the maintenance personnel or building superintendent for resolution.
D.Try to resolve the problem personally, although it is not considered a server administration responsibility.

7.When the server room vent is found to have a missing filter, which of the following company employees should the server system administrator contact?

A.The maintenance personnel
B.The immediate supervisor
C.The safety inspector
D.The building superintendent

8.From a security standpoint, which one of the following issues would be considered the most critical?

A.Unclean floors
B.Water cups on server equipment
C.Air conditioning without proper venting
D.Unlocked server cases and/or server room door(s)

9.Which of the following server room situations is of no environmental concern?

A.Filters missing on vents
B.Drinks near the server
C.Low server room temperatures
D.Warm server room temperatures

10.Which of the following environmental situations would be critical for a server room?

A.Having a clean server room
B.Server room temperatures above 110° F
C.Having a cool server room
D.Not having a garbage can in the server room

11.If the server room suffers a power outage each day at the same time, who is the first person that should be contacted?

A.The maintenance personnel or building superintendent
B.The computer technician(s)
C.The system administrator
D.The immediate supervisor

12.In order to decrease the risk of ESD, what would be the best possible server room conditions?

A.Dry and hot
B.Dry and humid
C.Dry and cool
D.Cool and humid

13.The server room is equipped with locks on the server room door, locks on the server rack, locks on the server chassis, and installed server security software. What additional server security measure should be provided?

A.Locks on server hard drives
B.Network access passwords
C.Network monitors
D.Locks on the server monitor

14.A server running security software with passwords is located in a server room fitted with door locks and rack locks. Which additional server security measures could be provided?

A.Server chassis locks
B.Server hard drive locks
C.Network monitors
D.Server monitor locks

15.In addition to placing alarms on the server machines, racks, and rooms, which of the following physical security measures would provide the best server security?

A.Locks on the server chassis, the server keyboard, and the monitors
B.Locks on the server chassis, the server rack, and on the server room door
C.Locks on the server room door, the server rack, and the server monitor
D.Locks on the server rack and the server chassis

16.The server room environment is severely endangered by which of the following situations?

A.Air filters missing from the HVAC vents
B.Dust accumulation in the corners of the server room
C.Active sprinklers located in the ceiling above the server
D.Bare concrete floors under the server racks

17.Information about recommended processor operating temperatures can be found at which of the following locations?

A.The computer company’s hotline headquarters
B.The driver manufacturer’s website
C.The computer company’s website
D.The processor manufacturer’s website

18.Server chassis airflow is not affected by which of the following factors?

A.The location of the processor slots or sockets
B.The speed of the microprocessor(s)
C.The size and style of the server chassis
D.The design and placement of intake and exhaust vents

19.Evidence that the server loses power nearly 10 minutes every Tuesday at the exact same time has been located in the UPS log files. Which of the following personnel should be notified about this situation?

A.IS helpdesk personnel
B.Building maintenance supervisor
C.NOS technical support
D.IT manager or administrator

20.What is the purpose for using a sniffer program?

A.A sniffer permits the hacker to intercept and analyze data packets being transmitted over a server network.
B.A sniffer permits the testing of a server workload. If problems occur, the sniffer alerts the administrator.
C.A sniffer locates server network bottlenecks through various testing procedures.
D.A sniffer is used to intercept only Novell data packets as they are transmitted over a server network.


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