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absolute file permissions mode

A numeric notation used to represent the standard file permissions for owner, group, and other. The access mode of a file is determined by adding these absolute modes. The following lists the absolute file permission modes:

  • 001— Other execution

  • 002— Other write

  • 004— Other read

  • 010— Group execution

  • 020— Group write

  • 040— Group read

  • 100— User execution

  • 200— User write

  • 400— User read

Access Control List (ACL)

Solaris 9 extends the standard Unix file permissions by adding an Access Control List capability. ACLs provide the ability to add permissions for specific users and groups, along with a default permission (mask). In addition to supporting the standard read/write/execute permission for owner, group, and other, ACLs can be used to set read/write/execute permissions for additional user accounts and group accounts and to define a mask capability that controls the maximum allowed permissions given to user and group accounts. The ACL for a directory includes default entries that determine the permissions assigned to files and subdirectories created under the directory. The setfacl(1M) command is used to set ACLs, and the getfacl(1M) command is used to display ACLs.


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