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Issue SOAP requests as system commands in Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server. Generate daily operation summaries. Retrieve data in the Tivoli Date Warehouse. Note: User access controls for SOAP are through the user IDs created within Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server. Define the access privileges for querying and modifying data through the SOAP interface. Two methods for using the SOAP interface: Microsoft Internet Explorer The SOAP client command line utility When you use the SOAP client in conjunction with Internet Explorer to issue SOAP requests, you can modify, if needed, the tags or the text. In contrast, the command line utility simply displays the output of the request at the command prompt. 6.7 Workspaces When creating views, avoid using the thresholds selection in the view. Instead, a better practice is to create a query that focuses on the data to be displayed. Build the query such that the necessary selections are made at the query level and only the required attributes are returned. When making the selection at the query level, rather than by setting these on the Thresholds tab, you are asking the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Agent to return only a limited result set (using less CPU and storage at the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Agent, Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server, and Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server and reducing increased network traffic). However, if the selection is made on the Thresholds tab, the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Agent is asked to return a (possibly much) larger result set and the selection of the data for visualization will only occur at the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server level. The only exception to this rule is when you are building a workspace that contains several views that use very similar data; if a single query can be used for all views on the same workspace, that query will only be executed once. The individual views can then further select a subset of the query's result set and cater to additional visualization "make up." Using multiple queries on the same workspace slows down the response time for the end user, because the queries will be executed one by one. In addition, network traffic can increase. Chapter 6. Troubleshooting and performance tuning 151