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Installing Monitoring Agent for IBM Tivo... > Installing Monitoring Agent for IBM ... - Pg. 66

Note: If the last installation directory is no longer current, you might receive an error message about the media settings. Just click OK. 2. Click Select Media, which opens the File Browser window. Locate the directory containing the ITM61AGT.IND file, and then click Set Path Set Media and Close. 3. Select the software name from the Select Product to Install list and select the targets of your installation from the Clients to Install On list. Note: The ITM61AGT product must be installed on the Tivoli server and all gateways in the environment that have the Tmw2kProfile distributed and on which we want to install the Monitoring Agent for IBM Tivoli Monitoring 5.x Endpoint code. 4. Click Install & Close when you complete the Clients to Install On selection. The Product Install opens. Click Continue Install to start the installation process. 5. When the installation completes, you see the message "Finished product installation" at the bottom of the Product Install window.