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Chapter 4 Cram Quiz Answers

Chapter 4 Cram Quiz Answers

1.C is correct. LUN masking is the method of obscuring LUNs on a per host basis.
2.C is correct. vmhba0 identifies the HBA adapter number in the ESX host. The second number, which is 2 in this example, identifies the target. The third number, which is 3, identifies the LUN number. The fourth number, which is 4, identifies the partition number.
3.A and B are correct. The two iSCSI methods supported by ESX are Static Configuration and SendTargets.
4.B is correct. iSCSI uses CHAP as the default method of authentication.
5.A, True, is correct. VMware best practices recommend that iSCSI be separated on its own network.
6.C is correct. IQN stands for iSCSI Qualified Name. All other answers are incorrect.
7.B is the correct response. No_root_squash enables the root user or UID extended privilege access to NFS.
8.B, False, is the correct response. NFS only requires a VMkernel port group to allow IP communication to the storage.
9.A is the correct response. A VMFS datastore can have a maximum of 2TB—512 bytes without extents.
10.B is the best response. You can grow a VMFS volume but only if there is adjacent space available.
11.A is correct. The Pluggable Storage Architecture has two submodules, the SATP and the PSP.
12.B is correct. By default, virtual disks are created with the Thick type.
13.C is correct. For any type of clustering, the Eagerzeroedthick virtual disk type must be selected, which would zero out all the space on that virtual disk and is a requirement for clustering to function properly.
14.A is the best response. You can change the virtual disk type using a number of different ways including Storage VMotion, cloning, or even inflating the disk and forcing the writes of zeroes across all free space.


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