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Acknowledgements - Pg. xv

xv AC k n oW L e dG e M e n t s F or his Foreword I thank Sir John Whitmore, who lit the first beacon at the start of my own journey into coaching, and who, I was delighted to discover as I got to know him, remains an original and maverick thinker. I followed from a distance in the early days, and as I moved closer, the trail led me along some fascinating, powerful and moving pathways, like the series of `Be The Change' conferences which John instigated in 2002. Earlier than either of us remembers, or cares to, we were born in Essex villages a stone's throw from each other, albeit he to the Lord of the Manor and me in the shadow of the castle walls, but we have somehow come, in certain ways, to the same place in the global village of shared values, interests and hopes for ourselves and the world. I am grateful to Sir Richard Branson, without whom I would almost certainly never have run a record company at a time when most working women were chained to typewriters, and whose management skills have been the blueprint for my own and the foundation for this book. And I thank the elusive David Brown, who provided a bridge for me to