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6 Coaching for Motivation and Retention > What is Motivation? - Pg. 98

98 C OACHING FOR H IGH P ERFORMANCE don't think traditional motivational techniques work any more. Expecting unconditional loyalty and long-term service is a thing of the past. The work- place I knew is gone. I would say that when I joined this organization most of us were motivated by the prospect of a raise and maybe a promotion after several years of service. But new workplace realities mean dealing with employees who are motivated by lots of different things, some of which I am not sure I can offer." W HAT I S M OTIVATION ? Motivation begins by understanding what employees want from their man- agers and the organization. Over the past few years, our understanding of the relationship between coaching and motivation has increased. This chapter explores this connection. Our first step is to build a basic understanding of what motivation means. Motivation is derived from the word motive, which means an emotion, desire, need, or similar impulse that causes one to act in a particular way. In the workplace, motivation means to provide an incentive, to move to action, or to impel. Running a business, government agency, or not-for-profit organ- ization requires leaders to understand the essence of motivation. Ed leads a real estate team responsible for buying and selling commercial property. His