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Understand Your Coaching Role > Coaching for Change - Pg. 25

G ETTING IN S HAPE TO C OACH 25 best decision. I am very intuitive and don't like to think too much about the facts of a situation. My coach never said that I needed to be more analytical, but she shared her experiences in a way that I learned the value of doing my homework." Situations come and go but learning stays with us forever. Insights, breakthroughs, and innovations all come about by working with a coach who facilitates learning. Coaching for Change The nature of change has many forms. Sometimes change is highly personal, related to a significant shift in circumstances in our day-to-day lives.Other times, change is initiated by the organization, or in some other way imposed upon us. Sometimes we are the change agent and face the challenge of enlist- ing the support of others. Change may be small scale, affecting individuals or pieces of the organization, or it may be large scale, affecting the organiza- tion in its entirety. This is why coaching for change at the individual, team, and organizational level is vital. Chai, a team leader in an architectural firm said, "Coaching for change is every leader's job today. We used to do a lot of big projects, especially for hospitals and medical centers. That was our niche. But this market is competitive and more and more, customers wanted us to team with others, especially when it came to interior design. I have to coach my team about how to work inter-organizationally. So many of our projects