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The Manager's Pocket Guide to Effective ... > Mentee Learning Activities - Pg. 69

Mentee Learning Activities Introduction There are usually numerous learning activities available for mentees to pursue. Abundant opportunities, for example, currently exist within the modern workplace, in formal institutions of education, and in the informal network of community-based programs. In addition, the proliferation of entrepreneurial and professional organizations that conduct specialized training seminars, the variety of self- paced computer and video programs, and the growing number of new interactive sources for instruction and information offered on the Internet, have created a rapidly expanding world of possibilities for acquiring additional critical skills, as well as for developing the fine-tuned proficiencies required to compete in both a technologically advanced and a behaviorally complex environment. Mentees, of course, will vary in sophistication regarding their perception of viable learning opportunities. Also, the specific context of each mentee could be considerably different, ranging from more experienced staff who have been selected for highly competitive leadership development programs, to those at entry-level 69