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A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting an Effe... > STEP FOUR: Orientation and Training - Pg. 45

STEP FOUR Orientation and Training ! 1. DEVELOP MENTORING SKILLS The mentoring program involves both orientations and continuing training to promote professional development. In most cases, the approach to increasing participants' mentoring knowledge and behavioral skills will be based on a pat- tern of: N N N N general explanations in the early meetings seminars to expand on ideas relevant to theory and practice after the intro- ductory foundation is in place experiential learning through role plays and group feedback (certainly for mentors, and also mentees, if possible) follow-up sessions (at any point) to review topics such as progress in one- to-one learning, relational issues, requests for more detailed knowledge, and status of activities/projects Ideally, it is preferable to "tailor" the material to fit participants' backgrounds. However, it may be difficult to accurately determine the prior qualifications of staff interested in the mentor role, or to ascertain with any certainty the previous history of employees about to become mentees, especially for a pilot project. 45