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STEP FOUR: Orientation and Training > 2. SUGGESTIONS FOR TRAINING SEMINARS - Pg. 46

A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO STARTING AN EFFECTIVE MENTORING PROGRAM Of course, one possible method for collecting useful preliminary data may be the inclusion of brief questions on the form used to survey personnel who are interested in the mentoring program. Also, staff may request a history of employees' previous involvement with mentoring when they inquire about the project. 2. SUGGESTIONS FOR TRAINING SEMINARS Seminars are a useful forum in which the participants can interact in a group setting to share their own ideas and experiences, as well as be exposed to new information and techniques relevant to increasing the quality of the mentoring experience. The following six guiding principles may help mentors and mentees remain focused on the essential aims of training in mentoring: N Obtaining the knowledge and competencies necessary to meet their behav- ioral responsibilities as mentors and mentees in a sponsored program (in seminars and feedback sessions)