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Chapter 18. Subject and verb agreement > Multiple-choice questions

Multiple-choice questions

1: Select the sentence that represents the correct subject and verb agreement.
  1. Bob and Sam is in a hurry.

  2. Bob need to get home by noon.

  3. Sam want to leave now.

  4. Bob and Sam are on time.

2: Choose the answer that contains the best definition for subject-verb agreement.
  1. If the subject is singular, the verb must be singular.

  2. If a subject and verb are separated by several words, it is correct to use a singular verb with a plural subject.

  3. If the subject is plural, the verb must be plural.

  4. Both A and C are correct.

3: Which sentence contains the correct subject and verb agreement?
  1. Mary like to eat sushi.

  2. She walk too fast.

  3. The telephone system in the division’s departments were functioning correctly.

  4. You and I are going to lunch.

4: Identify the correct verb for the following sentences.

Janie _______ to work in rush hour traffic.

  1. drive

  2. drives

Leslie and Dan ________ with each other about the company’s future.

  1. debate

  2. debates

The teleconference, as well as the training session, _________ access to the conference room.

  1. require

  2. requires

Our new phone system, plus the new speakers, ________ today.

  1. arrive

  2. arrives


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