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Pen your message in plain language > Pen your message in plain language - Pg. 200

178 brilliantemail There are a number of ways to create templates of text: Copy and paste the text from a previous email. Use the signature block in Outlook 2003 and Entourage. Quick Parts in Outlook 2007. brilliant recap Adopt the `Three Cs' rules for writing ­ Concise, Crisp and Clear. Structure the content and separate out key information. Before hitting `Send', check that your emails are all `PEARLS', crafted to save time and contribute positively to the business relationship: P PROPERLY laid out E Written in plain grammatically correct ENGLISH A Have an ACCURATE subject line R RELATE to business L S LESS than half a screen in length About a SINGLE topic Use a plain black 10 or 12pt font consistently throughout the email. Increase the font size only when sending to those who are visually impaired. Develop a style guide for your business if one doesn't already exist. Use software functions to help save you time.