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Protect yourself from an infection > Protect yourself from an infection - Pg. 256

234 brilliantemail brilliant recap Cyber-crime is the bugbear of today's world of e-business. Attacks can be costly. Prevention is better than cure, which means you must invest resources to protect yourself. It is the last step in improving your productivity as a brilliant email user. Ensure your email provider uses good anti-spam and anti-virus software and make sure you put protective software on your own PC. Be diligent about which emails and attachments you open and links you follow. Keep abreast of emerging cyber-crime threats by subscribing to a good newsfeed/email newsletter. Update your anti-virus and anti-spam software on your PC daily (preferably choose software which automates this task). Ensure all your other application software is up to date. When on leave, use the out-of-office (auto-reply) message cautiously. See for more information and updates on the latest threats.