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v Co n t e n t s About the authors ix Introduction 01 1 6 our approach to campaigns and campaigning Learning to become better 7 Our new definition and our approach to campaigning 9 Purpose, philosophy, attitudes and attributes 11 Leaders, vacuums and campaigns 12 The nature and purpose of communication 13 The value of communication 13 The inevitability of influence 18 The likelihood of resistance 22 The need for an ethical approach 25 The seven principles of campaigning 26 The Campaign It! model 27 Final thoughts 32 02 Cause 34 Introduction: from law-suits to the pursuit of principle and a click- whirr 35 Managing personal emotions 39 Creating a cause 42 The inevitability of simultaneous campaigns 42 Gradations of cause: why size really doesn't matter 44 What to do with a cause 45 The power that comes from having a cause 46 Courage 49 Cause, objectives and a washing line 52 Final thoughts 56 03 Recognizing and understanding your audiences Tourism, campaigning and a casual glance 57 Thinking of an audience 60 The purpose of audience analysis 62 The starting point 64 Principles and methods of audience analysis 68 57