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132. When You're Asked to Clean Up a Colleague's Report - Pg. 161

151 Quick Ideas 121-135 Quick Ideas 130-132 If you land on such a person's list of undesirables, apolo- gize. Then ask if you can help now. If the person hurls a venge- ful, "No!" then tell the person you are ready to move on. And do just that. Epilogue You can never win with supersensitive colleagues. Their Goal lines keep changing. When You're Asked to Clean Up a Colleague's Report You may be asked to rescue inferior work performed by a coworker. If you don't handle the situation with finesse, that colleague could go from friend to foe in an instant. You can't count on the manager who requested Assignment the do-over to smooth any ruffled feathers. He or she When you're asked to often is looking for the redo a colleague's work, easiest path to getting invite the person to coffee work done. So the super- to assure her you're not try- visor may not ask your ing to take over her job. coworker for a revision. Instead, you'll inherit the assignment. When that happens, you'll have to walk a tight rope between meeting your boss's expectations and preserving your coworker's friendship. 132 161