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Your 15 Minutes Have Arrived! > Your 15 Minutes Have Arrived! - Pg. 177

PERFORM: Putting on Your Best Show... 177 An interview goes by like a speeding train. If you stiffen, the audience will notice. You want to convey an interesting relaxed demeanor, and keep your focus on getting your mes- sage across. We'll talk more about steering messages back when someone tries to take you off course in the next chapter. NOISE BLASTER! In this overly digitalized world, there is a natu- ral temptation to overdo graphics by using the technology too often, in the wrong formats, and with too much elaboration. The result can create a noise of its own, overwhelming or trivializing the core message. Bogs of Blogs In Internet for Dummies, the authors define the process of blogging, or creating a web-log, and follow up the glossary entry to blogging with this phrase: "Any fool can publish a blog, and many fools do." What it comes down to is that any information on the Internet is suspect unless you know for a fact that you are reading a credible and validated source. If you are thinking of managing a blog, you need to be that cred- ible source. If you're an entrepreneur, it's imperative that you have a blog. It's a terrific way to grow your business beyond a Website. In fact, many people are now opting to develop a Blog instead of a Website.