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Strategy 4 Perform: Putting on Your Best... > Your 15 Minutes Have Arrived! - Pg. 176

176 Loud & Clear I'll never forget the frustration mixed with muted humor from the audience, because he would signal that something important was coming by saying, "Now this is critical," and proceed to turn away from us, waving his laser pointer at the screen. Your 15 Minutes Have Arrived! The local morning talk show has just invited you to talk about your company's new product, but you've never appeared on TV before. So what should you do? First, watch the program--even if you're already familiar with it. Get to know the style of the interviewer. Get into the spirit of the show. If they use sarcasm and like to spar, learn to go with the flow. TIVO it, tape it. By all means study it. On the day of the interview, come a half an hour earlier