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Search: Google versus Microsoft 67 but it was a lot better than nothing. Within Microsoft, `Google Compete' had become a priority: `Google's search and office apps [Docs and Spreadsheets, an online-only product costing $50 per person per year] were certainly on Microsoft's competitive radar', one former employee from the time told me, `though there wasn't as much of a feeling that they'd taken off with the market as there was with Apple [and the iPod].' Friends The priority of `Google Compete' meant that, when in 2007 Facebook began to emerge as a viable threat to Google, Microsoft didn't hesitate to court it. Facebook was different from almost every other site that preceded it. First, it was run by Mark Zuckerberg, a near-obsessive who stirred interest via clever tweaks: for example, each new college that wanted to join had to get a minimum number of recruits before being added to the system, which helped build excitement. But it also put all its content behind a wall. Google and other search engines were explicitly