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03 Search: Google versus Microsoft > The shadow of antitrust - Pg. 72

72 Digital Wars buying); and worse, merchants offering goods via Cashback were charging higher prices than elsewhere on the web ­ even after the rebate. `Negative cashback?' Meghani wondered. Microsoft shut it down in June 2010: `we did not see the broad adoption that we had hoped for', admitted Mehdi, posting on the Bing community blog. 38 The shadow of antitrust Shivaun Raff doesn't look like someone who would overthrow a multibillion-dollar company, nor have ambitions in that direction. Bespectacled, earnest and quickfire, she created a site called Foundem that searched comparison sites and offered the best deals from them. But, when she noticed that Google seemed to be downrating the site she had set up with her husband, she first gathered as much data as she could and then complained to the European Commission (EC). At the core of the Raffs' complaint was that their site was repeatedly downgraded by Google, which meanwhile gave its own properties ­ Maps, News ­