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Part five The Dharma of Leadership > The Pull of Dharma - Pg. 105

The pUll of Dharma We know from experience that pulling is often more effective than pushing. It's why the horse goes in front of the cart and why motivating people works best with a carrot instead of a stick. Leaders acting in the Mode of Goodness are pulling those they lead by having a higher purpose and consistently modelling it. The goal of the Dharma of Capitalism is to inspire leaders ­ whether they are CEOs, store managers or heads of households ­ to set examples and create environments in which the Mode of Goodness flourishes. In my research for this book, I visited a number of organizations to see what a progressive and dynamic work environment looks like and how it's led. What I found at the heart of effective leadership was the sincere desire to benefit others. Leaders for whom this was their higher purpose had employees or group members who reciprocated with loyalty and trust. Leaders in the Mode of Goodness act with purpose and have clearly defined goals. This tends to inspire confidence and collaboration among employees or group members. This is a recipe for success in any endeavour. 105