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Chapter 1. Access 2000 for Access 95 and... > Creating Access Data Projects for th...

Creating Access Data Projects for the Microsoft Data Engine

Microsoft wants a larger share of the client/server relational database management system (RDBMS) market. Thus Access 2000 includes the Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE), the embedded version of Microsoft SQL Server 7.0. MSDE runs under Windows 9x, as well as under Windows NT 4.0 and 2000 Workstation and Server. The differences between MSDE and SQL Server 7.0 for Windows NT Server are as follows:

  • MSDE database files are limited to a maximum size of 2GB. SQL Server database files are limited by the amount of physical disk storage available.

  • MSDE is fix-tuned for about six simultaneous users. SQL Server 7.0's auto-tuning feature optimizes performance for hundreds or, with the Enterprise Edition, thousands of connections.

  • MSDE doesn't include SQL Server 7.0's Enterprise Manager database management tools, which run under Windows NT 4.0+ as a Microsoft Management Console snap-in. You create and modify databases with a subset of Enterprise Manager included with Access 2000. MSDE does include SQL Server's Data Transformation Service (DTS) for importing and exporting SQL Server data.


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