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Chapter 11. Refining Items, Drilling, an... > Refining Query Items - Pg. 320

320 Oracle Discoverer 10g Handbook uring the first ten chapters of this book, we taught you how to create worksheets using the Workbook Wizard, how to analyze your data, and how to convert your queries into reports. D Most queries are not very efficient when first built. You run them to make sure that they at least work. Having avoided "The Query from the Twilight Zone" and decided that a query is worth keeping, you may have followed the steps in Chapter 9 and converted it into a report. Later, however, when working on a completely different problem, you may realize that a previous query satisfies most of the requirements. With a little tweaking and manipulation, you can modify or refine one query and turn it into another. In this and the following two chapters, we will show you how to refine an existing query, how to fine-tune it, how to make it work more efficiently, or how to convert it into another query. This chapter deals with refining the query items and drilling data. We will also show you the new and very powerful Plus feature called hyper-drilling. This allows you to either drill from one worksheet to another, going ever deeper into details, or to drill out to a URL. This feature alone is worth the upgrade to 10.1.2. Refining Query Items Perhaps the most frequent task you will perform in Discoverer is refining the items in a query. Refining can be as simple as adding or removing an item, but even this can have its pitfalls, as you will see in the next section. The real fun comes when you start pivoting and drilling. These