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Chapter 5. Product content > The role of a unified content strategy - Pg. 55

ChaPTEr 5 ProduCT ConTEnT 55 Mobile The explosion of mobile devices is also changing the way technical communicators share content. No longer can they assume that customers will access their product content in a PC-sized browser or in a printed manual. More and more customers want access to content on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. It's a relatively simple exercise to convert modular structured content for mobile with the addition of stylesheets that optimize the content for a given device. Augmented reality Technical communicators are going beyond text and simple graphics by creating three-dimensional renditions of their content. It's no longer necessary to produce manuals or provide a product CD with consumer products. For example, a customer whose printer has a paper jam can point the camera in their smartphone at the printer and have the image overlaid with an interactive display showing how to clear the paper jam.