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Acknowledgments - Pg. xi

Acknowledgments We had many beneficial discussions with several people. Lesly Regis, Senior Vice President of Business Transformation at HSBC, was of invaluable help. His frequent questions shaped our approach and many detailed suggestions improved our chapters. We are deeply indebted to Zhilan Feng and James Lambrinos of Union Graduate College for reviewing our writing on the capital asset pricing model and price elasticity. We also thank Necip Doganaksoy of GE Global Research for his comments on the text. We both had the benefit of having been taught by Gerald J. Hahn of GE Global Research (retired). We also thank David Bobeck, Senior Vice President of Credit Suisse, for his support in the early phases of the project. We thank Christopher Gotwalt of SAS for his help with the new version of the sample size platform. We also thank our technical reviewers Mark Bailey, Marissa Langford, Paul Marovich, and Tonya Mauldin for many helpful comments and clarifications. The staff of SAS Press has been most helpful throughout the project, especially Stephenie Joyner, who responded with speed and courtesy to all our requests. We thank our copyeditor Joel Byrd for many improvements to the text. We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of managing editor Mary Beth Steinbach, production specialist Candy Farrell, designers Patrice Cherry and Jennifer Dilly, and marketing specialists Stacey Hamilton and Shelly Goodin. Lastly, we want to thank our students of the last decade. They have accepted many trial versions of notes and presentations with great patience and helped us understand their problems in dealing with these subjects. Schmee, Josef, and Jane Oppenlander. JMP® Means Business: Statistical Models for Management. Copyright © 2010, SAS Institute Inc., Cary, North Carolina, USA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. For additional SAS resources, visit