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FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING (FI) > 234. What are 'Special GL Transactions'? - Pg. 139

F INANCIAL A CCOUNTING (FI) 139 You will use an `Invoice Release Transaction' to select the blocked invoices for processing further. The `release' of blocked invoices for payments can be handled either manually or automatically. 232. What is the `Account Assignment Category'? The `Automatic Account Assignment' logic takes care of posting to the correct GL accounts for `Stock Material' with the `Material Type' permitting inventory management, and the material master contains information as to which GL account needs to be updated. But there are material line items (`Non-Stock' materials) created manually in the Purchase Requisition/Purchase Order/Outline Agreement for which someone needs to decide the account assignment data and manually enter it in the Purchase Requisition. Here, the Account Assignment Category determines where to allocate the costs relating to such materials. The account assignment category helps you to define the type of account assignment (Sales Order-C, Project-P, Cost Center-K, etc.) and which accounts are to be posted to when GR/IR is posted to. 233. What is a `Credit Memo'?