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FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING (FI) > 95. What is a 'Fiscal Year' and 'Fiscal Year Varian... - Pg. 61

F INANCIAL A CCOUNTING (FI) 61 91. What is an `Operating Chart of Accounts'? This chart is used for day-to-day postings and is also known as an `Operative' or `Standard' chart of accounts. Both FI and CO use a chart of accounts. It is mandatory that the chart of accounts be assigned to a Company Code. 92. How does `Group Chart of Accounts' differ from `Operating Chart of Accounts'? The `Group Chart of Accounts,' also known as the Corporate Chart of Accounts, is used for consolidating all Company Codes (with a dissimilar Operative Chart of Accounts) falling under a Company. This is the `universe' of all-inclusive GL accounts from where the Operative Chart of Accounts is derived. A Company Code is not mandatory. 93. What is a `Country Chart of Accounts'? Why do you need this? This chart of accounts, also known as an Alternate Chart of Accounts, contains