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Chapter 7. Loading and unloading data > LOAD SHRLEVEL CHANGE and clone tables - Pg. 198

7.14 LOAD SHRLEVEL CHANGE and clone tables The LOAD SHRLEVEL CHANGE capability was introduced in DB2 V7 and allows you to load data with the LOAD utility, while having concurrent SQL access on the same table space, as shown in Figure 7-6. Mixture of LOAD and INSERT On-line LOAD RESUME Sy n ta x INSERT INTO TEST.CARS VALUES ('001' ,'MOTOR CORP.' ,'STAR' ); INSERT INTO TEST.CARS VALUES ('002' ,'ENGINE MASTER' ,'SPEEDY' ); INSERT INTO TEST.CARS VALUES ('003' ,'MOBILES, LTD.' ,'CONFOR' ); ... LOAD DATA RESUME YES SHRLEVEL CHANGE INTO TABLE TEST.CARS ( CARID POSITION ( 1: 3) CHAR , PRODUCER POSITION ( 5:17) CHAR , MODEL POSITION (20:29) CHAR ... 001 MOTOR CORP. 002 ENGINE MASTER 003 MOBILES, LTD. ... STAR SPEEDY CONFOR Security: LOAD (not INSERT) privilege Timeout of the LOAD: Like utility (not like SQL appl.) Serialization: Logging: Triggers: RI: Duplicate keys: Clustering: Free space: o Pr ce in ss g Claims (not drains) LOG YES only Fire Parent key must exist First accepted Preserved Used (not provided)