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Chapter 8: Migration from CM V2.3 to CM V8.3 > Pre-migration steps - Pg. 224

8.1 Introduction The migration process consists of migrating the Content Manager V7 metadata to Content Manager V8.3. It does not migrate data objects such as images and documents. The data objects are usually stored in OAM or TSM and it is beyond the scope of what we cover in this IBM Redbook. Note, this chapter contains the steps that we have gone through during our migration exercises. In certain places, we refer to excerpts from other publications. You must use the information in this chapter along with the following publications to get a complete detailed picture of the entire migration process: IBM DB2 Content Manager for z/OS: Planning and Installing Your Content Management System, GC18-7698 IBM DB2 Content Manager for z/OS: Migrating to Content Manager Version 8 for z/OS, GC18-7699 Migrating Content Manager V7 to V8.3 consists of four steps: 1. 2. 3. Perform pre-migration steps. Prepare the migration jobs. Run the migration jobs.