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Advanced Backup technology for a large d... > DB2 UDB functions for a large databa... - Pg. 384

7.3 Advanced Backup technology for a large database These days, the data volume required for a customer's business is rapidly growing. It means that their database becomes much larger than before. In addition, customers need to run their business 24x7. Customers can no longer stop their production system for several hours in order to take a backup every day. Therefore, it is essential to take backup of a large database system quickly, without having a large impact on the performance of the customer's online operation, in order to protect their system from disaster, hardware failures, and so on. Quick recovery is also needed since their data includes critical information for their business. To achieve this, DB2 UDB provides functions to support taking backup of a large DB2 UDB database quickly with advanced storage technology such as IBM ESS, EMC Timefinder, etc. With those storage systems, a split mirror image of a disk system can be created instantly. And those split mirror images can be mounted on another server or on a different directory or a file system of the same server. You can also build a database clone or hot standby system with these features. Note: These DB2 UDB features can also be used without advanced storage systems. For example, you can take backup of your file systems with the cp command, although it may take some time to take backup of your file system